EOS is a system of strengthening 6 tools and disciplines.  By strengthening these 6 areas individually and collectively; the business progresses towards greater clarity, alignment and achievement of the company’s vision.

Vision: Getting everyone in the organization on the same page, 100% of the time on where the organization is going and how they’ll get there.  We achieve this answering the 8 questions ™ and Shared by All™.  

People:  Surrounding yourself with great people, who believe in the vision of the company and have the innate skills to be successful.  We find the right people using the People Analyzer™ and the Accountability Chart™.

Data: Running your company on numbers vs. emotion is key to this discipline and gives us a pulse of how the business is doing.  We use the scorecard and measurables as tools for strengthening.

Issues: Becoming great at solving issues is key to continued growth and organizational growth.  We use the Issues list and IDS ™ to strengthen this component of the business.

Process:  Identifying and documenting how things are done is critical for determining where issues lie and ultimately scaling your business.  We use the Documented discipline and Followed by All to achieve strengthening.

Traction: Bringing focus, discipline and accountability to an organization so that everyone in the organization executes toward the shared vision.  We do this by having Rocks™ within the organization and a meeting cadence called Level 10 Meeting™.

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